The Value Of Promise Rings

The word promise is used to ingrain a faith within an individual or something he claims or aims to accomplish. As soon as stated verbally, it embodies something of superb value; however, if it is conveyed in any symbolic manner it earns a lot more ground plus it gets sealed onto one's heart as well as mind. Promise Rings are used for that exact purpose. Promise Rings have their origins from olden days; and it had been for only for constricted reasons such as marriage or a life-time living jointly commitment. With our modern society, great diversity of relationships are coming to existence; included of course is the dishonesty that started shaking the cornerstone of verbal promises. That's why the areas of promise rings use are gradually widening; and today it is not strange to experience or witness some types of promises being made; and that you've never heard of. These can be categorized into:

  • Affectionate or romantic relationship promise . . . Any time two individuals have love for one another and yet, aren't able to move forward with their wedding process straightaway because they want (each one on his side) to get reasonable time frame in order to clear certain personal issues to avoid potential drawbacks in the future, they mutually set a wait time span. The simpler and obvious way to go in this case is exchanging promise rings to seal the deal. Then, when the promise time frame expires promise rings will be swapped with engagement rings which will in turn be replaced later with wedding rings.
  • Vow to remain true friends with no intimate relationship - This kind of promise would generally bind two individuals who are very close to each other with all their heart; but not having the slightest plan of some sort of bodily relationship. This promise is perfect for absolute platonic love and companionship. Each partner of th promise will generally vow to be there as a friend for each other all through their lifetime.
  • Religious promise - This promise is perfect for a person who has inclinations towards a specific religion or some sort of religious division or squad and chooses to be truly engaged in it through a vow to entirely dedicate himself to its principles and activities. He should make a promise to himself; even the chief in the circle have the power to require a vow protocol to take place during which a promise ring that stands for symbol and witness of his promise is handed over.
  • Purity Promise - This is mainly a vow to staying truthful and clean to oneself; to god; or to some significant others; regarding the following but not limited to pre-marital sexual relations, gambling, drinking, smoking, lies, etc. In practical life, purity promise is often made by the children to their parents or self, sometimes willingly or following joint assessment. Purity promise is as well made within a couple of lovers who vow each other no bodily relationship outside their commitment.

Regardless of what the commitment, the obligation or the promise may be, the important factor is to attach the best suited action to the word of promise. This is only possible when your approach includes faith and confidence. If you are involved in a promise, you certainly wear a ring; a promise ring that is there to always remind you about the vow made and tell you to strictly follow it. That will be the fundamental value of promise rings. As soon as someone perceives it, he virtually senses the feelings in connection with it, the promise it hosts and stands for; plus the value it features; which really develop a consistent foundation to always keep the wearer on good path plus make sure he doesn't get distracted from it and then totally forget why he put it on in the first place.

Any metal is perfect for promise rings production. Various ready-made designs of promise rings are available in the marketplace. We must mainly keep in mind the inner meaning and the value promise rings hold instead of their appearance which, likely, is the result of the materials used during their manufacture. So if you operate on a low-budget, it is safer to keep it simplistic and inexpensive.

Diamond Engagement Rings Today

You might pick an antique ring with smaller sized diamonds if you are not always one to stick with traditions. It may be a sapphire ring with rubies on the side.

The role of religion or traditions could guide you into your choice of the engagement ring you prefer. If you are Christian or jewish you may want a ring with significance related to your belief. A Celtic ring might be treasured by those who are from Irish heritage or others who love the rich tradition behind the sophisticated crafting of the ring.

Whatever design you like, simply be sure to shop around as there are loads of different qualities of unique engagement rings, that you can't depend on cost alone to tell you their materialistic value.